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Ak Pashe Roddur by S.I. Tutul

Published on 15 Aug 2018 / In Music

S.I. Tutul - Ak Pashe Roddur | এস আই টুটুল - এক পাশে রোদ্দুর | CMV

Song: Ak Pashe Roddur /এক পাশে রোদ্দুর
Singer: S.I. Tutul/এস আই টুটুল
Album: Valo Achish/ভালো আছিস
Tune : Nazir Mahmud/নাজির মাহমুদ
Lyricist: Shorif Birjan/শরীফ বীরজান
Composer: Mushfik Litu/মুশফিক লিটু
Released Date : 5 February,2016
Label: CMV, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Bangla Music) (বাংলা মিউজিক)

Musician Asif is a very famous personality of Bangladeshi's music industry. He has been involved with this industry since 2001. He has sang for Bangla cinemas as well as for single, duet and mixed albums. He retired from commercial singing on 17 March 2010 to concentrate on his political career. But he returned to commercial singing with the solo album titled X-Prem in August 2013. He got so many awards. On the other side S.I. Tutul is also a very popular singer in Bangladesh. He sang numerous songs in his career. By that he won many peoples heart. He has been involved with Bangla Music industry since 2005. His most popular song "Keo Prem Kore" get much fame and response. S.I. Tultul is the only singer who won highest award both in nationally & internationally. Other two singer Eliyas Hossain & Belal Khan are both very young in Bangla Muisc industry. They both able to won their listeners heart within a very short time and made a good place in Bangla Music industry.

The album "Valo Achish/ভালো আছিস" is a new album where all the talented and famous musicians such as Singer Asif Akbor, Belal Khan, Eliyas Hossain, S.I. Tultul sang songs together in one album. All of the singer from this album are very talented and performed very well as always.

গানটির সম্পূর্ণ কথা/full lyrics of the song in Bengali

এক পাশে রোদ্দুর
এক পাশে ছায়া
দূর থেকে দাও
ভালোবাসার মায়া ।

কাছে থেকে দূরে
দূরে থেকে কাছে
সূর্যের আলো হয়ে

থাকি তোমার পাশে ।

আকাশে সাদা মেঘ
ছড়ায় আবেগ
বৃষ্টির ফুলে ভেজে মন
অনুভবের দৃষ্টি দিয়ে
তোমায় দেখি সারাক্ষণ ।

বাতাসে কাশ বন
দলে যখন
তোমায় দেখতে ইচ্ছে হয়
ভালোবাসার ঝর্না হয়ে
এখন তোমায় পেতে চাই।

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